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Food Talk: Unbelievably Tasty Foods From Around The World You Have To Try


Unbelievably Tasty Foods From Around The World You Have To Try

By iMedia Of iSapni

January 17, 2013
From Web Edition

You may not have heard about of some of these foods, but you'll probably want to try them soon! Sometimes you have to try something to believe how good it is

1-Seafood Paella from Spain

Paella is a rice dish that originated from Valencia, on the east coast of Spain. The dish can be made with shrimp, lobster, mussels, and cuttlefish.

2-Pan-bagnat From France

The pan-bagnat is a popular sandwich in Nice, France. The sandwich is composed of a round, white bread and a salad of raw vegetables, hard boiled eggs, anchovies, tuna, and olive oil

3-Arepas From Colombia & Venezuela

Arepas are popular in Colombia, Venezuela, and other Spanish-speaking countries. The defining factor of an arepa is the flat, corn-dough patty that can be grilled, baked, broiled, or fried. Inside of the arepa you can fill it with a variety of fillings including meat, cheeses, and vegetables.

4-Pho From Vietnam

This Vietnamese soup is full of flavorful ingredients. The broth is usually beef or chicken based. The soup contains rice noodles, and can be decorated with basil, mint, lime, and bean sprouts.

5-Lomo Saltado From Peru

This yummy Peruvian dish has Asian influences mixed in. Strips of sirloin steak are marinated in vinegar, soy sauce, and spices. They are then stir fried with red onions, parsley, and tomatoes. The key factor of the dish is that it is served over white rice and French fries.

6-Aushak From Afghanistan

This Afghan pasta dish is a mix of dumplings filled with scallions, a tomato meat sauce, and yogurt topped with mint.

7-Sate Padang From Indonesia

Sate Pedang is a specialty sate from Pedang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. It's made with beef and a spicy yellow sauce. The sauce is made from rice flour, broth, and a variety of spices.

8-Bibimbap From Korea

This signature Korean dish literally means "mixed meal" or "mixed rice." It is served in a bowl filled with rice, sauteed vegetables, and pepper paste. Beef or egg can be added to the bowl as well. The ingredients are stirred together thoroughly before eating.

9-A Full Irish Breakfast From Ireland

A full Irish breakfast consists of bacon rashers, sausage, fried eggs, white and black pudding, toast, and a fried tomato. Sometimes sauteed mushrooms or baked beans are added to the meal. It's a very hearty way to start your day!

10-"The Best Hot Dog In Town" From Iceland

They're not kidding when they say that their hot dogs are the best. Bæjarins beztu pylsur (literally translates to "The Best Hot Dog In Town") is a hot dog stand in Iceland with quite the reputation! Even Bill Clinton has eaten there! The hot dogs are super snappy and have delicious crunchy onions on top.

11-Coffee Flan From The Caribbean

Flan de Café con Leche (coffee with milk) egg custard is a very popular dessert in the Caribbean.

12-Sachertorte From Vienna

Because there is nothing scarier than word association

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