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Interview Of Website Owner and CEO Saad Iqbal


1-How Did you come on an idea for creating a website?

To be honest, i saw very great free hosted website, they have created a community where millions of people come to that site. So i also got an idea of creating a free website for everyone to get free information on any topics.My objective is to help people in pakistan and other countries to get information or get connected  in a simple manner. 


2-What is your foremost wish regarding your site?

hmm, yea the foremost wish of mine is that this website needs to be No.1 in Pakistan and also other countries. But i know that it will take 3 or 6 years to do that


3-What is your history regarding your website?

To be honest, first i started creating on Piczo  and after 2 or 3 months i first came to Webs network and started to create sapni-community. But to built a site like this it took me 2-3 years. I worked day and night to build a site like this, and a new name was given to this website iSapni.


4-How Did you come up with this design of the site?

ahh, yea i saw thousands of website design and just got an idea to create a theme like this.


5-You may have face many difficulties in creating this site?

Yes, absolutely. I have exams in every 3 or 4 months and also in the same time i am giving time to this website. But i didnt lose my hope in creating this site.


6-You may be given a lot of credits for creating this site?

Yes, absolutely i agree with it. I dont have any team and in creating a website like this with exams all around, i should be given a lot of credits


7-What do you wanted to become in future?

Havent decided yet, I have all Goals in my life, it want to become cricketer, doctor, Statesman, and a website owner and i hope i will do all the above things in my life.


8-What you want to say about yourself?

I am very attractive person, i usuallly work hard every day in study, cricket, and some other works


9-How's your progress in exams?

I come 1st in every exam and every time i take percentage between 97.5% to 98.9%. As i said i work hard and give equal time to every thing.






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