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Moon Valley

By iMedia Of iSapni

January 17, 2013
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Your dreams of walking on the moon can now come true! Situated almost 10 km from downtown La Paz of Bolivia lays an eroded landscape. It was in fact a mountain made up of clay instead of rock which has been eroded in an artistic manner. The beauty of this natural wonder is further highlighted by the striking colors caused by the different mineral contents of the mountains. This place is called “Valle de la Luna”, or “Valley of the Moon” in English. No wonder why it is called so. At a first sight, this exotic wonderland seems to be a piece of our moon. Upon stepping into this valley, it seems that, miraculously, you have driven out of this world and landed your vehicle on the surface of the moon.

However, if this location seems out of reach to you, you’re not on a dead end. Luckily, there are other, similar places in other countries too.Other Valleys of the Moon can be found in Chile and Argentina as well. The one in Chile is rated first out of eleven, according to number one travel website It has received 152 votes to fall under the category of “Excellent”. However, some tourists advise you to take a few bottles of water as the #1 tourist attraction in Chile lacks such facilities.


In the picture above, you can see the Moon Valley of Argentina, an area of about 603.7 square kilometers called Ischigualasto. According to world’s no. 1 free encyclopedia,, the geologic formation contains Late Triassic deposits as well as “some of the oldest known dinosaurs’remains”. Research shows that Ischigualasto used to be home to many Tetrapods, Synapsids and Archaosauromorphs. All three of the Moon Valleys are must-see’s. With their artistic rock formations, these nature’s spectacles are among the best places to blot away your cobwebs. Stay tuned for more!


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