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7 Things You Should Know about the Raw Food Diet
When I first transitioned to a raw food diet, I loved the results. I dropped more than twenty pounds of excess body fat. My skin cleared. I slept better, and my energy level skyrocketed.
5 Foods That Actually Make You Glow
We are what we eat, and that means that the foods we eat dictate our health. When people start to monitor their diet, they concern themselves with body fat and muscle building.
Foods for Mental Energy and Focus
Choose the right foods to eat and you will be able to concentrate, feel alert, and get things done. Eat the wrong things and youíll lack focus, feel sluggish, and want to take a nap
How to Find Time to Exercise – However Busy You Are
We all know we should get more exercise … but most of us don’t manage to be nearly so active as we want to be.It’s easy to blame busy lives. If your boss expects long hours
5 Essential Ways Everyone Should Hack Their Willpower
Let’s be real. Willpower is a hard thing to learn. And, now that summer is over, our drive to stay fit for the beach has started waning. As the beautiful leaves start turning and fall rolls in
Can Meditating Make You Smarter?
A lovely golden ball of liquid energy soon formed in the center of my brain.“Go meditate. No talking, cell phones or TV. Be quiet. Walk in the grass. Observe Nature,” came instructions from best meditation teacher I ever had.
5 Surprising Ways Dogs Improve Human Health
We all know that a dog is man’s (and woman’s) best friend, but numerous scientific studies have also proven that dogs can improve human health. There’s no surprise here. Humans and dogs have been working together for thousands of years,
12 Steps to Unleashing the Power of your Dreams into Your Waking Life
There once was a man who dreamt he was a butterfly. The experience was so deep and so real that upon walking he could not be sure if it was a dream. Perhaps now he was a butterfly dreaming he was a man?
10 Morning Habits to Build Your Day Upon
Over the past year I have come to see the morning as the foundation upon which I build my entire day mentally, physically, and spiritually. I find that if I start the day by doing the habits listed in this article, I am usually happier, healthier, more productive throughout the day.
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