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15 Animals Who Will Help You Get Through Your Day

By iMedia Of iSapni

January 17, 2013
From Web Edition

1.This sullen Maine coon.


2.This glowering Himalayan.


3.This pissed-off Cornish Rex.


4.This Himalayan who is plotting your death.


5.This Himalayan who dares you to mess.


6.This Bengal who just wants you to get the indignity over with.



7.This disdainful Maine coon.



8.This livid Himalayan.



9.This Cornish Rex who is dreaming of a better place.


10.This Maine coon who knows exactly how to make you cry.



11.This deeply distressed Oriental shorthair.



12.This beyond-infuriated Sphynx.



13.This Highland straight who wants to destroy her stupid hat.



14.This Scottish fold who doesn't appreciate your mockery.


15. This Canadian Sphynx who can't wait to see you suffer.