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Secrets Of Bermuda Triangle
August 20, 2012 - Updated 1732 PKT
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Only to spite is beyond human explanation to resort to superstitions and myths of the Bermuda Triangle is a mystery of mysteries of nature Bewildered People in the solution for hundreds of years, and still so far, despite many assumptions, one of the oddity of nature you are talking about newspapers, magazines and television from time to time, and surrounded by a halo of surprise and uncertainty, this triangle is that mysterious part of the Atlantic Ocean that swallowed thousands of ships and aircraft, without leaving any trace, no one until now, certainly explains the secret of this talk about the mysterious disappearance (Bermuda Triangle), such as talking about stories fairy tales and myths and stories Greco-free, but it remains the difference here is that the Bermuda Triangle is a reality that we witnessed in our time And read about in newspapers and magazines and the Arab world, and goes from us to say that the Bermuda Triangle is the greatest challenge facing the people of this century and centuries to come geographical location: West of the Atlantic Ocean to the south-east of Florida, USA, and more specifically the region take the form of a triangle stretching from the Gulf of Mexico west to the Leeward Island of Bermuda and then south (a group of 300 islands, a small island. Mohlop population 65,000 inhabitants) and from the Gulf of Mexico and the Bahamas. Why the label: The Bermuda Triangle known by that name in 1954 from an incident during the disappearance of a group of aircraft and take the shape of a triangle before disappearing, flying in the sky as if Were reviewed in the air and then this region has become known by that name remained unknown, "it, this area has been designated by several names including" Devil's Islands "" Devil's Triangle point of disappearance in Bermuda: a certain area in the northwest Atlantic Ocean (Sargasso Sea), where it became Pegrapth , a large area characterized by the presence of water a certain type of Cuscuta sea called "Sarjasam" where large quantities of water in the form of large blocks hindering the movement of boats and ships, I think Columbus was when he visited this region in the first trips to the beach was close to him were encouraged to continue Traveling in the hope of access to the beach soon, but it was to no avail. Characterized by the Sea, "Sargasso" complete calm, the sea is not completely dead by any movement in the rare air currents and wind, has launched the crew names such as "Sea of Fear", "Cemetery of the Atlantic" due to what they saw and the horror of horrors during their journeys.

Has indicated the new research cruises to the existence of a large number of ships and boats and submarines lying in the depths of the sea, dating back to different periods of time since the beginning of voyages across the sea, and most of these ships sank in the depths of the sea in mysterious circumstances, along with the disappearance of a large number of ships and boats, do not leaving any trace, and also in the depths of the sea, there are hundreds of skeletons of the crew and passengers of the sunken ships The beginning of the phenomenon of disappearances in the Bermuda: in 1850, disappeared from this area or near more than 50 ships, some of its leaders were able to send messages in moments of danger, and these messages were vague and ambiguous and no one could understand any of it and most of these vessels hidden track U.S. United States, the first ship "Ansrzint" had disappeared, carrying 340 passengers, followed by the disappearance of the submarine: Aschorbion "in 1968, carrying 99 sailors and ships that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle: In the 1880 English ship" Atlanta "and the number of personnel 290 personnel, and in 1918 the American ship "Cyclope" and the number of personnel 309 people The disappearance of the aircraft: The activity of disappearances to the skies of the Atlantic Ocean where the disappearance of aircraft flying over the Atlantic or the relocation of the sky in Bermuda in 1945 blasted off from the Lauderdale, Florida, five American aircraft on a training mission in a journey that begins in Florida (distance 160 miles east of the base and then 40 miles north) and was flying in a triangle shape and the number of members of this squadron, five pilots and eight assistants to a high degree of skill and experience, and was the squadron commander Lieutenant "Tharlestaylor" which represents the top of the triangle and in the course of the mission was the flock is heading at the moment about what shipwreck cargo Itefually surface of the ocean south of Bimini (Bimini ) And while waiting for the air base to a letter from (the flock) to determine the port of arrival and landing instructions, received a strange letter from al-Qaeda commander Squadron says: commander (Lieutenant Charles Taylor) calls for the rule: We are in an emergency situation we seem to go completely out of the line "I can not see the ground, I can not determine the place "I think we're lost in space, everything is strange and completely disoriented I can not determine which direction to" Ocean appears to us in a very strange I can not select it and then cut off the channels of communication between the base and 19 Squadron and aircraft which disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in disappeared in 1945, two of the bombers belonging to the American forces in the 1948 British passenger plane disappeared "Startejr" and 31 passengers on board In 1949 the British passenger plane "Starorel" and 37 passengers on board in 1956 in the plane disappeared (p5m) of the U.S. Navy with its crew of (ten members) Q: Is there a time for the occurrence of disasters in the Bermuda Triangle? C - observers noted that most disasters occur in certain seasons, called "the seasons is a period of enforced disappearances and holidays between the months of November and December and February, especially prior to the start of the calendar year or after the new interpretations that explain the mystery of this triangle UFO theory: It says that there is a relationship between appearance and disappearance of ships and aircraft in this region the theory of earthquakes and their relationship to what is happening in the Bermuda Triangle: It says that the occurrence of earthquakes in Bottom of the ocean waves generated by winds and violent and sudden make ships sink to the bottom and moving strongly in a few moments, and for the planes generated by the tremors and waves in the atmosphere, leading to an imbalance in the balance of the aircraft and the inability of the pilot to control the theory of magnetic attraction and their relationship to what is happening in the Bermuda Triangle : The measuring devices in the aircraft during their passage over the Bermuda Triangle disturbed and move randomly, as well as a compass in the ship, which indicates the presence of a magnetic or attractive force and very strange theory of the Antichrist: the earliest theories to explain the Bermuda Triangle, where the extraordinary power in the Bermuda Triangle did not rule out in any way linked to capabilities of the Antichrist eligible. That the Antichrist has taken the Bermuda base dishes starting the aircraft is not only a means of high-level technical and development beyond the abilities of human beings able to harness the Antichrist negatively to achieve what they aspire from the temptation of humans?! And drive them out of a clique of faith when it appears !!!!!.

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