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About iSapni 


What is iSapni All  About?

isapni is a new website where you can learn and get entertained. Unlike other websites, you do not need to be a member to use the website. Also, isapni provides you latest technology, opinion,regional,politics,social issues,sports,economy,science, technology,health,food recipes news also we provide over 2,000 games, tons of music, Best Applications,Photos,Videos,ChatBars  and much more. Also, the site is built around you, the people. We let you do all the uploading, sharing, socializing, and basically run the website. The reason is, because you know what you like, so we let you upload your own videos, photos, stories/books, leave ratings/comments, and you get to choose your friends and set up your very own profile. The possibilities are endless, because you control the site. We offer many apps to all, but on the other hand some things are for members only.




How it all Started.



  Basically, it all started on October 25, 2008 in a ordinary House with a simple laptop and a boy with hopes of creating a website. This boy's name is Saad Iqbal and he was 12 years old at the time. Over the years,isapni  has been going through nothing but changes and changes, and it continues to change everyday! The website is now a  informational network, but it wasn't intended to be. It was originally going to be a gaming site with an outer-space theme. It has gone through many re-designs, changing its look from colors, to positioning everything correctly, and so on. Before, you couldn't do half the things you can now on this site. And now today, three years after its launch, we are gladly holding  over 430+ members.

Our Aim

 Our Mission

Our Mission is to divert the minds of youths from using the internet for fraud, scam, quick-money making ventures and indecent relationships.    By providing positive, creative and lucrative ways of using the internet through daily Online news,motivational,inspirational articles  And also providing information on How To Do Things. 

 Our Vision

Create a medium where people from across the globe can interact, get up to date information, entertainment, news. Promote skills, talents and culture. 


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